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Across time and space, the clandestine organization called G.H.O.S.T. (Global Hierarchy Of Secret Tactics) sends its agents to combat threats with bad intentions- lycanthropic drug addicts, demons from the netherworld tearing into the space/time continuum, and the nihilistic, fashion obsessed terrorists collectively known as APOCALYPTICO.

Art by Chris Anderson

 This is a collection of episodic, standalone stories all set in the same world and featuring a cast of new characters. It’s the wildly imaginative work of a faction of up and coming artists, including Chris Anderson, Ben Perkins, Barry Tan, Chris Fason, Christian J. Meesey (Meesimo), Adam Lemnah, John Burkett, Craig CK, Shawn Coots, Chris Humphreys, Dave Grom, Rick Lopez, Danny Nicholas, Dave Praetorius, Miguel Galindo, Jason Foster, Peter Hensel, Tony Fero, and Sam J. Royale, along with the legendary Ken Landgraf, all from stories written by Rocko Jerome.

Art by Barry Tan

“There was this stretch of time where certain comics and readers were wired into the sex, drugs, and rock & roll paradigm,” says writer/producer Rocko Jerome. “This book is intended to recapture that energy that some comics had in the mid-sixties and throughout the seventies. There was an element of danger there that I want to tap into: the vibe of Heavy Metal, Steranko, Spain Rodriguez, Guy Peellaert… and the headier, more whacked out kinds of Marvel Comics that ended up getting sold in headshops. As much as I’m sure it would have rattled Ditko, I have it on good authority that some people bought Strange Tales at the same places they bought their rolling papers. That’s the space that I want GHOST Agents to occupy.” 

Art by Ben Perkins

GHOST Agents is one of several books published by Eli Schwab‘s Cosmic Lion Productions

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Art by Craig CK

Art by Rick Lopez